Local Aboriginal Land Council



This Project was funded by The Environmental Trust in association with

Purfleet Taree Local Aboriginal Land Council

Community Development Employment Program (CDEP)


Project Location: Saltwater, Wallaby Point and Old Bar - Mid North Coast NSW

Project Supervisor: Brian Walker (Naturalist/Ethno botanist)

Project Mentors: Bill Hennessy (funded by TAFE) and John Clarke

Project Participants: Phillip Cochrane, Richard Donovan, Derek Clarke, Steward Saunders, Manul Ritchie, Doug Simon, Troy Ridgeway, Terry Rolls, Herbert Nixon, Michael Mercy, Ed Buchanan and Tony Marr

Photo Editing and Pre-Production: Christopher Sheed, Des Clarke, Priscilla Maher and Andrew Paget (CMA)

Artwork: Serge Morcombe

Web Development: Kerry Baker



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NSW Environmental Trust Case Study

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