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CDEP Employment and Related Services Code of Practice


We commit to observe the highest standards of fairness and professional practice as we

deliver the services and obligations outlined in our respective contracts with the

Commonwealth Government. At all times, our priority is to assist CDEP participants to

achieve the best employment outcomes. We will deliver services to CDEP participants

to the best of our ability and with adherence with our obligations under the PFA.


We operate our services in a manner that:


a. Upholds the integrity and good reputation of employment services by:

  • acting with honesty, due care and diligence;
  • behaving ethically and professionally, and being openly accountable for our actions;
  • avoiding any practice or activity which could reasonably be foreseen to bring the CDEP Programme into disrepute; and
  • complying with all relevant Australian laws, including privacy, fair trading, trade practices and anti-discrimination laws.


b. Demonstrates our commitment to CDEP participants by:

  • being supportive and helpful to CDEP participants in their pursuit of employment;
  • focusing our assistance to help CDEP participants to achieve the best outcome;
  • treating CDEP participants fairly and with respect;
  • addressing CDEP participants and employers in a friendly, courteous and culturally sensitive manner;
  • considering CDEP participants individual circumstances and backgrounds; and
  • delivering assistance in accordance with the CDEP Service Guarantees.


c. Is accurate and relevant by:

  • providing ongoing assistance to CDEP participants for the duration of our service to them;
  • providing information about programmes or services that may assist in their job search;
  • ensuring that we have premises and facilities appropriate to deliver services with privacy and dignity;
  • ensuring that the information that we collect about CDEP participants is relevant and necessary and is kept confidential;
  • tailoring assistance to CDEP participants with consideration of their individual job search needs; and
  • demonstrating flexibility in service delivery as CDEP participant circumstances change.


d. Is communicated clearly and effectively by:

  • ensuring that CDEP participants are aware of their rights and obligations;
  • providing timely feedback and information to CDEP participants about decisions that we make that could affect them; and
  • providing CDEP participants with access to relevant records we have about them, on request.


e. Encourages feedback without prejudice by ensuring that:

  • we have a complaints process of which CDEP participants are made aware;
  • staff seek and appropriately respond to CDEP participantsí feedback with the aim of continuously improving services;
  • staff support CDEP participants when resolving any issues or concerns they may have; and
  • we advise CDEP participants of the free DEWR Customer Service Line.


CDEP participants are encouraged, in the first instance, to raise with us any concerns

they may have with us. If CDEP participants are dissatisfied with how we respond to

their concerns or feel that they cannot discuss the issue with us, they can contact the

DEWR Customer Service Line on freecall 1800 805 260.


If CDEP participants are dissatisfied with how we have managed their concerns, they may make a complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsmanís Office. We and the Indigenous Coordination Centre (ICC) should have copies of the Employment and Related Services Code of Practice which CDEP participants can take.


It is also available on the internet at www.workplace.gov.au


CDEP Service Guarantee




1. We are required to carry out the Activity at or above the minimum standards set by

the Service Guarantee.


2. We must prominently display and make available to eligible job seekers and to

employers, promotional material made available by DEWR on the Service Guarantee.


CDEP Service Guarantee for Participants


CDEP participants will receive services from us, that take into consideration the participantís circumstances, background, needs and skills.


CDEP participants can expect us to:


a) tell them about their rights and responsibilities;


b) give them information about how to find employment or participate in community

development activities that where possible suits their preferences and skills;


c) tell them how to find and register with a Job Network Member; and


d) tell them about the work rules.


CDEP participants will receive from us:


a) help and quality supervision;


b) where possible, the opportunity to develop and apply their skills;


c) the opportunity to interact with others;


d) a safe working environment; and


e) answers to their questions about their participation.


We and the Indigenous Coordination Centre (ICC) should have copies of the CDEP

Service Guarantee which CDEP participants can take. It is also available on the internet