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Patrick Bungie

Patrick Bungie


I am a proud Biripi man and elder of the community. I have lived in Purfleet all my life.

I have been involved in the Land Council for around 10 years and enjoy my role as a director. I like to be hands-on and help where I can to support our CEO.

I enjoy a good fish and playing golf for our NAIDOC Challenge. I am also a proud lifetime Rabbitohs supporter. I get involved in the Elders Olympics every year and enjoy the challenge. I look forward to our plans for our community as a member and director of the PTLALC.

Staff Members

Joedie Lawler CEO

Joedie Lawler CEO

I am a Biripi Women. I have grown up with pride in my people and culture. I have worked in government positions for the past 20 years and have decided to return home and share my knowledge to improve outcomes for my community. It is great to be back on Biripi land working in my community.

I am excited by the opportunities of building a future that provides a self sustained income for our community to thrive. It is important that we work together to move forward to achieve the best for our community and the next generation.

Supervisor Maintenance

Position Vacant

Role: Supervise WFD and volunteers in daily maintenance tasks identified by the CEO.

Kelly King

Kelly King

Admin Assistant

Role: Assist the CEO in the day to day functions of the LALC.

I am a proud Wiradjuri Aboriginal woman. I have been in the community for 20 years.

I stated at PTLALC as a volunteer 7 months ago and have been trained in-house. I started working recently as the admin. I love my job, it has given me the confidence to get away from my role as a parent and find myself. I enjoy the day to day interaction with the Aunty’s and Uncle’s and working for the LALC.

Brittany Cochrane

Admin Assistant

Role: Assist the CEO in day to day functions of the LALC.

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PTLALC acknowledge the traditional custodians of our boundaries. The Biripi, we pay our respects to elders past and present.