Joedie Davis Lawler

Mural Project

Jason Simon

Jason is a Biripi Artist, he has been painting since he was 15 Years old. He has designed and delivered works in schools, the local Council on the river bank and for the Purfleet Taree land Council in partnership with Tursa and Nortec. His art work is aesthetically... Read More

Joedie Davis ( Lawler)

Joedie is a  Biripi Artist from the mid north coast, she is also our current CEO. Joedie has created art for the past Thirty years. Her passion began as a young child when she would sit with her grandmother Aunty Faith Saunders, enjoying listening and watching how... Read More

Michael Scarrott

Michael Scarrott is proud to have Aboriginal and European ancestry and is a descendant of the Biripi of the mid north coast NSW. The possum is his family clan totem and tribal totem is the shark.

He is a multi disciplinary creative (writer, inventor, visual... Read More

Raechel Saunders - Artist

Raechel Saunders

Hello, my name is Raechel. I am an Aboriginal Artist from Australia.
I come from the Biripi Nation on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

I love to create both clay sculptures and acrylic cultural paintings on canvas. My artworks are based on my love for my... Read More

PTLALC acknowledge the traditional custodians of our boundaries. The Biripi, we pay our respects to elders past and present.